David Beschi A.R.A.S. 2008 Exhibition at Katoomba Fine Art

Bar Beach

I blame the Pope

A visit to the dentist

Dreaming of other things
(The Scrubber)

Boat Harbour, Port Stephens

Christmas day at Bondi

Gathering storm

The Fat Lady finally sings

Nun reading the Karma Sutra

London calling

Mrs Warboys takes to drink

Frost and snow, Blackheath


Red bathers

Red coat, London

Snow on the Heath

Red light district, Amsterdam


Newcastle, view from Noah's

Newcastle Harbour

Days in Morocco

Three friends


Sunday morning

Interior, London pub

The Pope and other cronies

Northern light, English Coast

Piccadilly tube station

Beachcomber I

Beachcomber II

Beachcomber III

Meanwhile......back at the ranch

Sunday bathers


I'm still waiting

Wheatfields, Bathurst

Winter landscape - Highfield

Entrance to the supermarket