David Beschi F.R.A.S. · Lost Bear Gallery, Leura · Opens May 12th 2011 ·

Downpour In London

The Newspaper Café

The Restaurant Michelin Forgot

Jacques Badin In His studio

A celebration of David's 70th birthday at The Lost Bear Gallery, 5/148 Leura Mall, Leura. Opens May 12th. For details Phone: 4784 1440

Photographs from the exhibition may be viewed here.

These Shoes Are Killing Me!

The Flower Market

The Wealthy Mrs Warboys...

The Art Class Battleaxe

Street Vendors, Tangier

Portrait, Christine Pike, Artist

Crescent Moon

Blue With Cold, Katoomba II

The Country Races II

Locker Room

Lights Out In The Dormitory

The Church Fete

Boatsheds At Gosford II

Return To Frog Hollow

Return To Peace - An English Cemetery

The Newlyweds

Monday Morning Rat-Race

The $5000 Vase

Morning Ferry To The City - Sydney

Australia Day

Too Many Chefs

Waiting For The Country Train

Katoomba Snow - Sunday Afternoon